HSI Accessories

Hyperspectral Accessories

Vacuum Maintenance Module (VMM)

A ruggedized, miniaturized, intelligent, small-scale ion pump driver and non-evaporable getter heater controller. The VMMC is ideal for portable system applications with small-sized ion pumps where intelligent control and monitoring of a vacuum containment vessel are desirable. The VMM can be connected for interactive user communications or can operate as a stand-alone power supply for an ion pump where no user connection other than DC input power is required. The VMM is ideal for commercial OEM vacuum maintenance applications and operates over a wide range of temperatures and altitudes.

The VMM includes a TTL serial digital interface to provide users with access to vacuum system information and to set parameters. For VMM use without a serial connection, a signal output of a variable pulse rate is provided for use as a relative pressure indicator. Users can monitor a variety of parameters, including power consumption, ion pump voltage, ion pump current, estimated pressure, and unit temperature. Users also have the flexibility to set operational limits for voltage and current to the ion pump.

The VMM unit is available separately or in a bundled option:

  • Option 1 – standard base unit
  • Option 2 – fully configured with pumps and assembly


  • VMM-A-1:  Ion Pump Interface Cable
  • VMM-A-2:  NEG Interface Cable
  • VMM-A-3:  Test Input Interface Cable for Evaluation of VMM
  • VMM-A-4:  VMM Auxiliary Power Pack (VAPP)

Afocal Telescopes

WRI has a variety of afocal telescopes designed for use with WRI’s hyperspectral sensors.  These telescopes optionally include (a)  integrated scan mirrors; (b) motorized bypass mirrors that provides the capability to switch between two magnifications to support both a narrow and wide field of view with a single telescope; and/or (c) motorized focus capability to allow for use at closer range.

Hermetic Blackbodies

WRI has hermetic blackbodies that have been developed for independent operation or integrated into WRI's internal calibration modules.