Other WRI Technologies

Other WRI Technologies

Optical Interconnects

WRI’s optical interconnect technologies include board-to-board, board-to-backplane, board-to-fiber, cryogenic and non-cryogenic feed-throughs, and a variety of other functionalities that make possible rugged, low cost, and extreme environment systems solutions.

Optical Switches

WRI’s optical switch technology cluster includes rugged, non-mechanical, radiation-hard low-loss optical switches that are useful for data and in radar beamforming applications.

Material Sensors

WRI has developed specialized sensors for materials including fuel sensors for aerospace applications.

Custom Optical Systems

With our array of experienced engineers and their diversified fields of experience, we can carry your ideas through design and prototyping to actual product development and assembly. Contact us with your specifications for a discussion on how Wavefront Research, Inc. can address your specific needs.